PRULOGIC the Logistics and Supply Chain Management under Prudential Global Logistics is our newest and fastest growing venture in logistics. Catering to end to end requirements of our customers, we have successfully managed to cater to intrinsic needs of our customers in India and abroad with single minded focus towards adding value to the existing supply chain while remaining competitive. Our experience of working with reputed agents globally has helped us with immaculate planning and execution of door to door and turnkey shipments for many of our customers.

PRULOGIC offers the following solutions:

  • International Freight Management
  • 3PL/4PL
  • Integrated Supply Chain Management
  • Order Fulfillment Solutions
  • Warehousing & Re-distribution Services
  • Strategic Solutions
  • Ocean and Air Consolidation

The entire spectrum of SCM is now encompassed in PRULOGIC thus helping the end user achieve synergies and convergence of areas of optimization. The Logistics division aims at a functionality of providing “tailor made solutions” and not an across the board product. Instead we take it upon us to understand the customer’s needs, and come up with a best fit solution that optimizes customers resources and ours and if necessary by adding additional products and services that complement the core competency of the client’s prime business range.

PRULOGIC with its global reach has a capacity to replicate the logistics solutions in almost every part of the world through its strategic partners and adds value to the entire Supply Chain of the customers and their end users.