Xenia Hospitality Solutions LLP

Having a presence in the Maritime industry for over three decades, the board of directors at Master Group realized that there was a need to hold events/conferences within the industry and give proper exposure to shipping and logistics due to competition. Due to individuals working against each other rather than building a community that thrives together.

“In an age of collaborations and social media why should the Maritime industry be left behind” says, Zeenia Master, Director at Master Group. Having forged numerous alliances within the market, the board felt, it was time to create a community and propel the shipping and logistics sector into the future.

Master Group has been part of numerous associations i.e. AMTOI, EXIM etc. over the years. Within these associations the board has articipated in various capacities from hosting events, to being part of panel discussions to holding valuable posts within these institutions growing them from year to year.

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