Location: Raipur/Jharsuguda

Department: TIC

Company: Master Marine Services

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Assist the technical manager in Receiving, storing and analyzing the samples submitted to the laboratory.
  • Operation of all the lab instruments as per the given SOP.
  • Performing the analysis of the received samples as per the SOP.
  • Performing retesting and replicate testing of the samples as per the schedule.
  • Performing intermediate checks for all the instruments with CRM.
  • Maintaining the instruments’ history records.
  • Maintaining all the reports, records, and logbooks per the lab manager’s instructions.
  • Proper storage of samples after analysis.
  • Monitoring the stocks of the spares and consumables of the laboratory.
  • Recording the environmental parameters of the laboratory.
  • Restricting unauthorized access to the laboratory.
  • Ensuring good housekeeping of the laboratory.
  • Reporting all test parameters to the technical manager.
  • Cleaning of Glassware and drying.

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