Digital Solutions

Master Group leverages its vast experience in the Maritime Industry to provide industry solutions to help clients in the ever-changing world of digital evolution. We look forward to imagining, designing, and developing solutions using the latest technologies.

We collaborate with our clients across a variety of services, including strategy, consulting, designing, and developing solutions.

We create industry solutions that are designed with innovation and excellence to provide value. We help our customers derive a competitive advantage by implementing solutions using the latest technologies in data automation, artificial intelligence, cloud, and blockchain.

We look forward to providing our clients with benefits such as improved revenue, enhanced operational efficiency, and an enhanced customer experience.

We empower our clients to make choices for a personalized digital experience.


A single platform for the shipping and logistics fraternity, providing digitalization of all processes and facilitating EDI between all stakeholders.

The MMD3 portal is designed as a single platform for Shipping Lines, CHA, Freight Forwarders, NVOCC, and Weighbridge to carry out their export processes as follows:


  • Automated VGM (DG Certified) from the weighbridge assists CHAs in ensuring the accuracy of VGM and generates VERMAS for trade.
  • E-Form 6 / 13 request by CHA’s to Shipping Line for Port Gate In.
  • Submission of the E-Shipping Bill, along with all relevant documents online (Invoice, Packing List, Tally Sheet, EIR, and Declaration) for E-Form 6/13 and Advance EGM preparation by the Shipping Line.
  • Preparation of EGM in accordance with ICEGATE guidelines.
  • SCMT ready and awaiting customs declaration in the final EDI structure.


  • SCMT ready and awaiting customs declaration in the final EDI structure.
  • Digitalization Platform to streamline the entire process from E-Invoice, E-Payments, and E-Delivery Order between lines and CHA / FF / NVOCC (to be launched soon)

Container Tracking System (CTS)

Powered by a state-of-the-art in-house reporting system, ensures that clients receive real-time updates seamlessly. This means that regardless of the time or location, Master Group’s regional offices and port facilities are in constant communication, providing clients with immediate and accurate information.

What sets CTS apart is that it not only enables efficient tracking of logistical movements but also captures crucial Shipping Bill (SB) records. This comprehensive system extends to a mobile application, giving the team the advantage of recording movements in real-time, enhancing efficiency and precision.

Furthermore, Master Group has streamlined its global operations by automating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reports, ensuring that all systems are synchronized harmoniously, and clients can access vital data with ease.

With CTS, Master Group empowers its clients with the tools and technology needed to navigate the complex world of maritime shipping with confidence and precision.