Brief History

In 2000, the Government of India initiated a liberal power policy, recognizing the impending power shortage. Anticipating the need to contribute to green power generation, Master Group, despite being newcomers to the power sector, embraced the opportunity.

We entered into an agreement with the Karnataka Government to harness hydroelectric power with a 3 MW capacity. This project utilized water discharge for agricultural purposes from the NUGU Dam in Mysore District. The project was executed under a BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) system with a 40-year term.

Our power plant boasts a capacity of 3 MW, comprising two powerhouses housing four units of 750 KW each. Since our commissioning in December 2002, we’ve consistently generated power at optimum levels. Our power generation is closely tied to rainwater inflow into the dam and water release, managed by the Irrigation Department of the Government of Karnataka.

Nugu Mini Hydel Power Plant

Master Groups proudly operates the Nugu Mini Hydel Power plant, located in the picturesque Sargur District, H D Kote, Mysore, Karnataka. This greenfield project is not only certified for carbon credits but also has the capacity to generate a substantial 8 to 9 million units of power annually.

Local Impact

Our commitment extends beyond power generation. We’ve created employment opportunities for approximately 40 local engineers and officers, making a tangible contribution to the local economy. Furthermore, our power plant plays a vital role in facilitating irrigation across a significant area of the surrounding hinterland.

Expanding Horizons

In addition to our flagship Nugu Mini Hydel Power plant, Master Power is actively engaged in the implementation of projects in the fields of hydro, solar, and wind energy. We are dedicated to spearheading sustainable solutions for a greener tomorrow.