MMD3 opts for BCBA digital platform

Master Marine Services, India’s foremost marine cargo survey firm, is happy to announce its decision to become part of the digital platform set up by Brihanmumbai Custom Brokers Association (BCBA). The platform, which facilitates BCBA members to digitally transact with various stakeholders, will help members to transmit data to MMD3, highlighted a BCBA release.

The MMD3 portal is designed as a one-stop portal for Custom Brokers, Importers, Exporters, Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs to carry out the following:


* Transmission of Shipping Bill online for:


* E-Form 6, 8, 11 & 13

* E-Cart In

* E-Insurance

* E-Forwarding Note (Provisional & Final) for ICD operations


E-Shipping Bill: MMD3 offers the trade to upload the Shipping Bill document on a digital platform instead of handing over the documents physically at the counter of the liner/agency offices. The same will be processed by the back-end team and thereafter, upon approval, the same data can be processed for the Container Load Plan and also for the Export General Manifest in ICEGATE in quick session and in an errorless manner.

MMD3 E-VGM: Compliance solution which makes it easier for your business to comply with the IMO regulation and electronically submit VGM documentation to any shipping line through EDI. It also enables authorising a third party to submit the VGM on your behalf. MMD3 E-VGM integrates easily with third-party Weight Providers and Terminal Weigh Stations.

E-Forwarding Note: Any shipper/exporter/CHA can book an E-Forwarding

Note through this system with relevant data and then submit to the shipping lines to verify and issue the same to the transport carriers. This will help to expedite the movement of documents, which can be verified.

Mr Xerrxes Master, Managing Director, Master Marine Services, said:

“We are very excited about this partnership as it reinforces our dedication to serving stakeholders in the marine industry and supporting them in managing and expanding their core business. Our services on the MMD3 portal will provide our partners with digital solutions to manage their documentation electronically. We are committed to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of import/export processes in the maritime industry, and working with BCBA on their digital platform will enable us to create EoDB for Custom Brokers and trade.”

BCBA added that they have created a digital platform with SSOID for members to digitally operate with various stakeholders such as Custodian, Shipping Lines, Consolidators, CFSs, etc.

It expressed happiness that MMD3 has chosen to be part of this digital platform to serve its members.